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Dancing seems to be too artistic for an extreme sport like skateboarding; however, there exists such a type of skating called longboard dancing in which skaters perform beautiful movements of their bodies while traveling on a longboard at the same time.

For me, longboard dancing is both attractive and challenging as it requires a lot of creativity for performing outdoors like that. This skating style is the combination of both technical movements in freestyling and repertoire of dancing with the rhythm, aesthetics.

In some ways, you can understand longboard dancing as a style of skateboarding that is related to performing arts. If other skating styles restrict or recommend some age groups not to participate in order to ensure their safety, longboard dancing is for everyone at any skating level, according to SkateAdvisors.

Without an advanced demand for technical parameters and features of a skateboard, longboard dancers can literally start with a random skateboard. The only important thing is that you need enough confidence to express yourself.

Since longboard dancing can be easily misunderstood as carving as the riders also move from left to right continuously. However, in longboard dancing, the rhythm comes from the music and the motion of your board that you are in complete control of.

Improvised performances are not common in longboard dancing since skaters need time to learn the choreography and rehearse with background music so that they can perform excellently. Some surfers say that this style also takes a few typical properties in surfing into the streets.


Although skaters are able to perform longboard dancing on any skateboard, it is still better when they can find the suitable one that is well designed for dancing. Similar to other skating styles, a larger board makes it much easier for beginners to get the hang of the moves.

In longboard dancing, skaters also need extra space so that continuous and fluid motions from your feet like cross-stepping can be performed without any difficulties. For the maximum size, you can easily find a longboard deck that is 48 inches long and 12 inches wide.

Furthermore, paying a bit of your attention to flexibility is crucial as well because a stiff deck may not be good for the purpose of adding classic and technical tricks to your performances. On the contrary, stiff decks are preferable over flexibility for some heavier skaters but in general, a flexible deck is still a wise choice.

The majority of longboard dancers choose a flat and symmetrical skateboard deck which typically has a cutaway shape or kick tails for easy dancing. To ensure the freedom of their feet, top-mounted products with a mellow concave and a subtle rocker are widely chosen.

If your aim is to turn fast and smoothly, you can try the reverse kingpin trucks and open bushing seats. About the wheels, smaller wheels are strongly recommended for sliding down hills or skating in fewer contact areas. Hence, you can notice that the trucks and wheels affect your performance as much as the deck does.

Wheels having a durometer between 80A to 86A are acceptable in this style. If you are still wondering which durometer is the best, just remember the advice from an article at SkateAdvisors that a lower durometer is good for cruising while the higher one is best for maneuvering and tricks.


There are numerous reasons to explain why people take up this skating style. Some are fond of performing elegant tricks such as hang five, hang ten, or cross-stepping while the others may love the dancey movements and the spinning motions of their bodies.

You should know that longboard dancers usually go at a medium speed and they are constantly on the move. Sometimes, they can get off the board and spin the skateboard before continuing skating.

To become a great longboard dancer, you should have good balance, coordination, patience, and agility. In case you are not as talented as pro skaters, a frequent practice may get you through this hard time.

From what I learned, longboard dancing doesn't need you to be skillful or talented to master this style; however, creativity and dedication are crucial in getting success. For beginners who haven’t been familiar with the amount of footwork, carving, turning, and stepping in this style, doing a people warm-up section is a wide move.

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Longboard dancing is developing significantly in the United States, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Not all beginners to this style are newcomers to skateboarding because many are skaters who have little experience in cruising, street skating, or park skating.

After all, don’t worry too much if your skills are not perfect since the main purpose of longboard dancing is to explore your potential. Longboard dancing is only meaningful when you can truly express your personality and enjoy the ride.

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