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EACS Guidelines

EACS produces the European Guidelines for treatment of HIV-positive adults in Europe. The English version is regularly updated by the guideline panels. A major update is published once per year in autumn and translated into additional languages.


The latest updated version of the EACS Guidelines, Version 10.0, was published in November 2019. The Guidelines are available in different formats: As a paper booklet, a PDF, a mobile app, and now also as a website. To access the different editions, see here: Link


The latest edition includes a reference to mHealth and the EmERGE project (p.2):

“If PLWH have been stable on ART for 6 months or more, with no other significant issues, clinicians could consider using alternative modalities such as email/phone/or other electronic means (Good Practice Point, GPP). This form of consultation can have the same validity as a face-to-face consultation if properly instituted in a clinical protocol. The European Union funded EmERGE project is currently looking at such interventions

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