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EmERGE Community Meeting, June 2019

The #EATG facilitated a meeting for the EmERGE community partners on 7 June 2019 in

Lisbon to take stock on the current status of the project and plan further community

involvement for the last 11 months of project. Community members from Antwerp,

Barcelona, Brighton, Lisbon and Zagreb were in attendance.

The EmERGE study, including over 2,200 persons at five sites using the EmERGE app to

replace one of their bi-annual visits to the clinic, is now reaching its final stages and the data

is being analysed. The community group has been instrumental in co-designing the app and

in facilitating interviews and focus groups with the study participants. Currently, the

community activities are focusing on site-specific meetings between the community and

clinical staff to evaluate the accomplished work and the collaboration.

At the meeting, it was decided that the co-design process will continue on a smaller scale for

specific projects around the app development. Workshops will be organised locally to

provide community input for new areas of use for the app functionalities. The local partners

will also work on FAQ pages linking the app users to local community services and


What will happen to the #EmERGE app after the end of the project in April 2020? The project

team is working hard to attain sustainability. A new non-profit company has been

established to take over the maintenance and development. Some of the clinical sites have

expressed interest to continue, but further promotion and communications efforts are

needed to ensure continued and expanded access. The overarching principle is that the app

should be free to patients. Community has a key role to play in this process, in managing

expectations on the part of the app users and to promote the use of the app in their clinics.



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