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Emerge Project

mHealth platform

"Creating mHealth solutions to facilitate remote access to health care providers and

People Living with HIV (PLHIV)."

EmERGE has developed mHealth platforms to enable

self-management of people living with stable HIV

Overall Concept

EmERGE aims to demonstrate the benefits to patients and possible cost effectiveness for health-care providers and purchasers by reducing face-to-face consultations based on prior work showing a high uptake rate and use of mHealth in HIV patient populations.

Abstract of the Project

EmERGE has developed a mHealth platform to enable self-management of HIV in patients with stable disease. The platform builds upon - and integrates - the existing mHealth solutions operated by pioneering healthcare providers in the UK and Spain and applies a rigorous co-design approach to ensure patient's and clinician's input to the solution. The platform provides users with mobile device applications which interface securely with relevant medical data and facilitates remote access to key healthcare providers. EATG, the European HIV patient organisation, supports the interaction with representative patients and clinicians from 5 EU countries.

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